About Us

What makes us who we are

From its very infancy, BookLife’s first and foremost goal has been to publish innovative, original and engaging books for children. Our decision to begin publishing originated from the belief that the current marketplace was lacking in inspired and engaging educational content. Over the past two years, BookLife’s dynamic energy has been channelled towards creating truly original and engaging content, enlivened by innovative and striking graphic design. It is this creative synergy that inspires each and every one of the books we produce and, most importantly, engages curious, young readers to want to make sense of the world in which they live.

Praise for BookLife Publishing:

This is a solid addition to any library  – Erin Olsen, School Library Journal

"Direct writing, clearly labeled images... a useful introduction" – Publishers Weekly

"I have to say I really like their formatting, they are very child-friendly, and the children really like them.  I didn’t realise they were from Norfolk, yet another reason to visit there again!" - Helen Divett, Teacher and Librarian from Vienna International School

"Their range ticks all of the boxes for features we look for in quality non-fiction, covering a huge age range and a truly diverse set of topics to suit all tastes and curiosities." - Read It Daddy